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Big Leauge Athletic Sports Training

B.L.A.S.T will train athletes to move more effectively & efficiently while also getting stronger & faster in these movements.  Any athlete over 13 years old who is not being coached in strength and speed movements is already behind the curve.  At B.L.A.S.T, we train athletes in a way that will give them the results they are looking for while also preventing injury and avoiding exercises that could be harmful to the athlete.  Workouts will be spent focusing on the upper body, lower body, speed, agility, conditioning and mobility.  The workouts will give athletes a muscular base (hypertrophy) that will then be trained to be stronger and more powerful.  These workouts will take any hard working athlete to the next level!

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Coach Collin Radack

  • Certified Strength & Speed Coach
  • Hendrix College Assistant Baseball Coach
  • Athletes in Action Sports Ministry Staff

  • 4 Year Starter for Hendrix College 
  • Drafted in 2014 by St. Louis Cardinals 
Coach Aaron Boucher

Conway High School
  • 2 Time All-Conference 2010-2011
  • 2011 All-State
  • 2011 State Champions
College Career
  • 4 Year College Athlete
  • 2 Year Player D1 NJCAA
  • Ranked Top 50 in NJCAA for Hitting
  • Ranked 2nd in Stolen Bases NAIA (2015)
  • NCCAA World Series Appearance (2015)