About Us

The FieldHouse is a private owned training facility in Conway Arkansas that opened in March of 2007. We have one goal in mind: Offer athletes every opportunity possible to improve skills to reach the highest possible level of play. We work very hard to provide as good a training environment as anywhere in the country. Our Coaching Staff is very carefully selected, and we have no doubt they are the best around. Private Instructors must have extensive knowledge of the game, and be expert in part of the game they are teaching our students. They also must have good moral values so to be good role models for their students.

Our Speed School (FieldHouse Acceleration) is powered by Perform X. Perform X  out of Denver Colorado that is known all over the world as being one of the top training programs in speed and agility with the fastest results. Top trainers put 15 years of research in developing the program we use here. The high speed elevating treadmill is one of the components that allows this program to get much faster results than any other program. The results are truly amazing. We had a softball player who recently came in and in 4 weeks improved her 20 yard burst time by over a second. She was over 4 seconds home to first before and is now at 3 seconds. That's a lot of outs turned to safes for her! Another Softball player who has done the full 4 week program at least once a year for the last four years is now the fastest girl ever to run home to home at The University of Arkansas where she will play here college ball starting fall of 2014. We have trained in our speed school professional baseball players, soccer players, basketball players, UCA baseball team, CBC softball team, as well as many youth teams and individuals. Every athlete is tested in everything, and each workout is set up for their individual needs, so we can train any age 8 years old and up for any sport in our speed school.

Our ATEC 6-Station Automatic batting cages give the opportunity for anyone to walk in a climate controlled environment and get good batting practice in, or just have fun hitting some balls. ATEC is the official pitching machine supplier for Major League Baseball. Each of the six cages will throw baseballs or softballs where you can adjust your pitch height from right or left side in the cage. They are set at different speeds so good for all ages. They are always open for walk ins, but we will reserve one at a time for teams who don't want to use tokens and want to hit continuous. Our indoor turf indoor infield, and training tunnels are available for teams or individuals to practice fielding, hitting, or pitching. Scheduling ahead is recommended, but not always necessary for space rental.

We also offer Birthday Parties that can be scheduled for weekends. The parties are set up for the kids to have fun and the parents to have no worries. The kids will play a organized game ran by our staff on the indoor infield, then have cake and ice cream time where we supply everything except the cake. Then the kids will hit in the batting cages. The parties take about an hour and a half where the parents are invited to play, but most choose to kick back and enjoy watching the kids have fun and our staff wear them out. Call to book.

Baseball and Softball Gear: We offer about anything needed for softball and baseball players and their teams. We specialize in not only putting the best possible equipment on the field with your ballplayer, but for the best possible price. We recommend sizing for your bat with us and getting the right fit before you buy it. We don't just guess on age and size of player. Every kid is different and we want them to see them hit with several bats before selling you the size that fits them perfect. We also gear a lot of players and teams in gloves, equipment bags, helmets, balls, nets, screens, training equipment, and uniforms. Decisions on anything like that is difficult, and our experienced staff is here to help you get what is right for you.

I hope this has been a good explanation of "About Us"...If you haven't got it by now then just hang around The FieldHouse one night and it will be crystal clear what the ONE big thing we are about...THE KIDS...and providing them the best training they can get anywhere.